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Corporate Facebook sites gain huge popularity in recent years. A professional timeline cover image will increase brand awareness, promote your company and services and increase your fan base!

I’ve recently created a Facebook cover image for WorldofEyes, an online eyeglasses shop. In this design, I’ve tried to achieve the following design goals:

1) Cleaver way to place your company name and logo, and tagline.

2) Creative display the list of your services and products;

3) Fun, engaging and unique

4) Strong call to action, attractive promotions

If you wish to create a consistent, creative look across all your social media profiles with creative and customized designs, please contact me for a free quote.





I’ve recently designed a full icon set for Lankar software. Lankar is all-in-one-shop management software for Automotive Service Professionals. The new design is used in both Pro and Enterprise versions.



Vegetables provide wonderful daily nutrients. They are also great sources of my creative inspirations. I love to capture their rich textures, beautiful colours and down-to-earth characters.

Mushrooms: Charcoal and acrylic


Cabbage: still life acrylic painting

Colours of the fall: Watercolor practice


Bugs life


Here are some paintings I did after sitting in front of my monitors for so long. Acrylics on paper.

Acrylic painting: cow, By Jun Hua
Acrylic painting by Jun Hua
Acrylic painting: elephantelephant painting by Jun Hua